Founded in 2006, Perry Excavation & Concrete brings 16 years of outstanding excavation, earthwork, earth moving and concrete construction experience to the greater Puget Sound region.

Perry Excavation & Concrete is based in King County and is a fully licensed, insured and bonded company. We consistently work to provide our clients with the best end-product and overall experience on every project, great and small. Since Perry Excavation & Concrete began, we've worked to establish ourselves as a reliable company with a strong reputation for high quality work and strong customer satisfaction.

If you are in need of any excavation, earthwork or concrete services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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Perry Excavation & Concrete: Testimonials

We at Perry Excavation take pride in our work – it is a reflection of who we are.

We are also proud of our clients' success, and the fact that we are able to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with them. We understand that when they succeed, we succeed.

Below are some testimonials and letters of support from former and current clients of Perry Excavation.

Rebuilding Together Seattle

It is my honor to recommend Grant Perry of Perry Excavation to prospective customers and businesses. I have had the pleasure of working with Grant for three years with my nonprofit, Rebuilding Together Seattle (RTS), an organization that provides free home repairs for low income homeowners. Grant has served as a professional volunteer and has donated his time, leadership and services to over five projects.

In addition to providing top-quality volunteer work at various project sites that included new driveways, walkways, and drainage systems, Grant has worked one-on-one with my Staff, Board of Directors, Project Managers, and clients to help accomplish projects. Based on my experience working with over 2,000 volunteers per year, Grant shows an exceptional degree of work ethic, professionalism, commitment, and passion for what he does. Grant is able to work with any client or volunteer, despite different personalities and the common obstacles of our program.

I have no doubt that Grant's qualities are present in his business interactions. I have referred Grant to family members and friends who are not only thrilled with his work, but speak volumes about his character. Grant is efficient, bright, personable, and never compromises the quality of his work.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Grant and Perry Excavation. I would recommend Perry Excavation to anyone who is interested in the best business partnership possible!

Margie Thirlby
Executive Director
Rebuilding Together Seattle

MMI Services, Inc.

I am taking the time to thank Grant Perry and Perry Excavation for your contribution to our success as a general contractor over the past three years. Perry Excavation has been an integral part of the successful execution of our two largest jobs, Rain City Fencing in Bellevue and Medica Site Development in Tukwila.

Both of these jobs were well over $100,000 and represented a major hurdle for us in contracting. We could not have done them without your help.

You have convinced me that there are honest dirt contractors in the Seattle area. You have always done what it takes, including working weekends and over time to complete your phase of work on these critical jobs. You have always gone the extra mile, including renting any major equipment needed to execute the work if it was not already in your possession.

Your drive, aggressiveness, and "get 'r done" attitude have positively affected my men and other subcontractors on the job. We have accomplished some major jobs that we can be proud of together.


Gordon Moorman
MMI Services, Inc.

Vermont/Layton General Contractors, LLC

The outcome of my projects relies heavily on the subcontractors that I choose, and I am happy to recommend Perry Excavation and Grant Perry for your construction projects.

Through the years that I have been working with Perry Excavation, I have been impressed with their reliability of scheduling, quality of performance and ability to anticipate and address issues before they arise.

I have always found Grant Perry to be professional and pleasant to work with, and I appreciate that he is always looking out for the best interests of both my company and my customers.


Mike Bulmer
Vermont/Layton General Contractors LLC

Harwood Elite Homes

I have been a General Contractor in the Seattle area for over twenty years, with the majority of my work being in the remodel area of construction. I have found Grant Perry, of Perry Excavation, to be a sub-contractor that is budget conscious, efficient in his work and scheduling, and a pleasure to work with.

Grant is a contractor that does not cut corners; does clean, accurate work; and with his experience, is able to make suggestions that have helped me as the General Contractor to provide the best possible service to my clients.

I would not hesitate at all in recommending Grant for any excavation work.

David H. Kline
Harwood Elite Homes

Renton's Unleashed Furry Friends (RUFF)

In 2009, RUFF was formed to construct and maintain an off-leash dog park in partnership with the City of Renton. At the time, we were completely overwhelmed by the prospect of digging nearly three hundred holes at 27" deep for fence posts. In addition to being extremely rocky material, several portions of the property were also covered with concrete and asphalt.
Fortunately, Grant Perry learned about the dog park project and contacted RUFF to volunteer Perry Excavation's equipment and services to the organization's effort.
With two excavators working in tandem, we managed to dig the 300 holes and construct the fence in a single weekend.  This not only saved RUFF thousands of dollars, but also allowed us to open the Cedar River Off-Leash Dog Park in time for summer, several months earlier than expected.
Grant is an amazingly precise and thorough excavation professional, who is also a great guy and very easy to work with.
Kevin Poole
Renton's Unleashed Furry Friends (RUFF)

Happy Homeowners

We wanted to take the time to thank Perry Excavation for the excellent work they have done on our basement foundation project. With particular thanks to Grant, Chris and Jason.

Although a relatively small job, Grant and his team made it clear our project was important to them. The crews that showed up were professional and courteous and clearly know their craft. Their critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities were obvious as was the quality of their work.

They were flexible with scheduling around other contractors working in the basement and would often directly coordinate with the other vendors. The communication was excellent, we were never left wondering what was going to happen and when, and Grant was always prompt with replying to inquiries.

As a homeowner anytime your basement is being torn out and created anew is a time for much stress, and as in any renovation project problems will arise. We were made completely at ease throughout the whole process, and knew we did not have to worry about the occasional surprise. We are so glad that we chose Perry Excavation, and would unreservedly recommend Grant Perry and his team to anyone.

Pete Smith and Gabriela Diaz
Homeowners, West Seattle